Our Mission

The world of Coding is a varied and exciting one with lots of room for progression – making it a very satisfying profession to be part of. Global Institute for Advanced Computer Science (GIACS) is setting the standard for IT professionals.

Who We Are

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Our Vision

We run accreditation schemes that provide formal recognition of high quality learning and their contribution to academic development. We also recognise eligible qualifications and formally assessed company training programmes through the award of prior learning credits.

Our Accreditation Services department has established itself as a leading provider of accreditation and consultancy services to the IT and Computer Science and Technology profession. We've create solutions for a variety of business requirements, assisting organisations to establish training needs, identifying appropriate solutions and then aligning these to sector standards.





GIACS believes students must first love their learning which means
being active and increasingly independent learners, keen for feedback and able to collaborate. Students will receive
excellent teaching of a broad and deep curriculum, within an inclusive teaching support


GIACS is committed to the importance of allowing students to Explore both the subjects they study and
themselves. They are encouraged to take risks with their learning and to challenge themselves. 



GIACS has always taken pride in being able to offer our students the unparalleled ability to learn in a pastoral setting that gives them the opportunity to fully understand things happening around. 


GIACS is an educational institute like no other. Where many focus on examination results  as the main criteria for success, the whole ethos of GIACS is focused on each and every individual who passes through our gates.


GIACS wants our students to be inclusive in all dealings with other people, so they finish the examination not in a bubble of privilege and elitism, but with the ability to engage with their local, national and international communities, and with a burning desire to do good in the world.



Tailor-made Learning programme

GIACS is distinguished in that tuition is tailored to the needs of each student. 

Be a thinker

GIACS encourages our students to be independent thinkers and to become inspired to learn.        

Careers Advisory

GIACS provides environments, infrastructure and functions that build up your career path successfully.




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